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The Big Game


I heard that there’s a “big game” tomorrow. Have you heard that too? Supposedly there’s a football game in Atlanta that will determine which team is the best for the 2018-19 season. Personally, I haven’t watched pro football for two seasons, and I’m a huge sports fan. I have my reasons for not wanting to watch but I will admit that I miss the “preparation.” As a foodie, cooking for the Super Bowl was an annual tradition but this year, since I’m on my NFL hiatus, I’ve decided that I’m going to prepare for another “big game.”

This game is called “Business.”

Yes, since I’m always “all in” for my husband and kids, I need to play a “bigger game” in my businesses. My husband and I have been fortunate that word of mouth has carried us for over a decade and last year, we made over $300K. We didn’t market, were hit or miss with social media and worked when we...

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