Marketing Over Mastery

business Jul 08, 2019

“Marketing over mastery.” I heard this term YEARS ago and I didn’t like it. It sounded like an encouragement for people to promote promises they couldn’t keep. I used to be a believer that you had to know everything before you could put yourself out there to the world. Mastery implies excellence and until you’re excellent you shouldn’t market, right?


We get better with experience. We master what we do by making mistakes, then making the necessary adjustments. Yes, if we market before we master, we do allow for the possibility for the world to see us fumble. Ok. We watch people and companies fumble all the time and we still believe that they’re gonna dust themselves off and get back to doing what they should be doing. 

So why not us? Why not you?

If you want to be in business, you must believe that you have a product or a service that people want. If they want it, it’s your job to get it to them. You must find them, market to them. Marketing (getting clients) goes hand in hand with accounting (keeping the tax man happy). You don’t have a business without customers and you don’t have customers without marketing, whether it’s by word of mouth or via social media. We all need to stop letting “the fear of marketing” freeze us. I’m willing to bet that you have a great idea and just haven’t released it into the world yet. 

We should talk about it.

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