Keri Herndon-Brown

About “me” is really about “us”.
There is no MarriageFamilyBusiness without Shereem.
1999 was a special year for us. We met in May. Started dating in September; we got engaged in October; and finally married in December. Yes, all in 1999!
When we married I was 23 and he was 25.
Now, I’ve been a wife for almost 20 years, a mother for 14 and a business owner with my husband for 12. After years of helping other women in my community to launch their businesses, improve their marriages and find ways to be more intentional with their kids, I’ve decided it’s time for me to share what I know with all women. I’m here to show women all over the world that they can have it all.
Am I a perfect mom?
Nope. But I’m better than “pretty good.”
Multi-Millionaire business owner?
Not yet, but I’m on my way. Multiple six-figures and counting…….
Ideal wife?
Uh.. yeah. He better say so!
Seriously, we women can be many things and often do not walk in our purpose. We can learn from each other!!!
As a wife, mom and entrepreneur, I can teach you how to be your best in each.
Wanna know something else that, until now, I didn’t share openly?
I don’t like the spotlight. By nature, I’m a creative introvert. My husband, on the other hand, has no social fears. Our differences are what makes us great -- though not perfect -- and we believe in our purpose, and know that we have information and inspiration to share.
You see, Shereem is a Visionary and I’m an Integrator.
These are terms that entrepreneurs use to define the roles in their companies. There is always one dreamer (Visionary) and one doer (Integrator).
As an Integrator, I know how to make things happen. I find solutions to problems particularly in the areas of marriage, family and business.
Are you discouraged with your marriage and not sure why and if you should go on?
Been there.
Are your kids driving you mad and you’re too frustrated to even cry sometimes because you feel like their failures are a reflection of you?
Living that.
Are you starting or growing a business and have no idea where to start? Too many ideas? Not enough clarity? Overwhelmed and confused?
THIS may be the greatest battle you’ve ever faced. Wrestling with your Mindset. Gathering the RIGHT Information. Taking Consistent Action.
I had to learn to balance all three of these critical pieces of my life if I wanted to live the life I truly believe I’m supposed to. To “have it all” simultaneously, I would have to use planners, create systems, and be inspired by devotionals that would keep me going forward.
Simply, I’ve learned to hustle hard and love harder.
My MarriageFamilyBusiness is a Juggle, a Struggle and a Joy. I’m embracing it all and I want you to do the same.
Welcome to MarriageFamilyBusiness.

Shereem Herndon-Brown

My Marriage, My Family and My Business.
These are my priorities in life.
Sure, I can list all of my professional accomplishments. But if you’re curious about that you should just visit www.strategicadmissionsadvice.com
For MarriageFamilyBusiness, I am the “silent partner.” This is Keri, all day, because she’s really that good.
There’s no Herndon-Brown Consulting/Strategic Admissions Advice without Keri. There’s no Twindividuals or other books, or Events by Keri without her commitment.
My wife really is as good as she looks. She’s loyal, nurturing and savvy. I hit the wife-baby-mama-business-partner jackpot when she came into my life.
Yes, I’m a visionary and I see great things coming forth from this project. Marriages will be healed, families will be restored and businesses will take off. All of this is possible, but only if you take every piece of our advice to heart.
After 20 years, we know a lot and want to share a lot. Our MarriageFamilyBusiness contains all the inspiration and information you’ll need.

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