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business family marriage Jun 12, 2019

this week's dope chick
meet Keri Herndon-Brown

what makes you dope:

i'm a 43 year old woman who survived being raised in Harlem during the crack epidemic.

my daddy was a hustler during in the 80s in Harlem, so unfortunately after his untimely death, i grew up raised by a single mother.

i quickly realized that the odds weren't stacked in my favor so i learned to do the opposite of everyone around me.

i decided i wasn't having kids out of wedlock as a first in my family, i was headed to Howard University + was going to learn to hustle for my last name.

currently, my husband + i have been married for 19 years, have 4 kids together + run a successful six figure business for the past 13 years together.

i've learned to use the hustle i was raised with to win at this business game.

what are some of the challenges you faced in finding your dopeness + how did you overcome those challenges?

when my husband + i decided to walk away from his role as a educator + a six figure salary, we knew we had to "make it happen'!

i was a stay at home mother of a 2 year old son + we created + launched our business within 30 days. We're now celebrating 13 years in business together!

what dope women inspire you? 

#1 my mom

she did the best she could after my father died.

#2 my daugthers

they show me life through a different lense every day + challenge me to learn something new every day.

#3 my friends 

i have the most eclectic group of women in my life who are lifelong friends.

without them as my cheering squad, i couldn't do this thing called life as cute as i do it!

if you could give advice to another dope chick, what would it be? 

launch before you're ready!

be happy with the person in the mirror as she's the one who matters the most.

she's dope + you can find + follow her here:

Instagram @marriagefamilybusiness + @MrsTeamHB

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