business Aug 07, 2019

Almost exactly a year ago to the day was when we had a "soft launch" to MarriageFamilyBusiness. All we did was wear t-shirts I had designed and decided to wear on my birthday of August 5, 2018. A year later, MFB is, well, what MFB is: an affirmation for entrepreneurial married couples who are working together and raising a family. We understand that this is a trend and we know that some people do it for a long time. We want to make sure that we encourage it, but also educate about it so that people can do it successfully.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary this December, we have a book coming out: MarriageFamilyBusiness: How to Work with Your Spouse and Win. And yes, we are winning. We are winning because, after almost 20 years of being together, we like each other more than we did 20 years ago. We're winning because we have healthy children, healthy children who we support, who love each other, who are affectionate with each other, and although they're far from perfect, we believe will make contributions to this world. We're winning because our businesses are still here. We're not millionaires, but we're “six-figureaires”, doing okay for ourselves. We're in a position where we have the time and the freedom to go where we want when we want. Isn't that the reason that people want to have a business? Freedom? We are available to each other and our children by offering services to the world that we truly believe in. Yes, we are winning.

Over this past year and the existence of Marriage Family Business, we've got an official trademark, sold a few things and, admittedly, been inconsistent with producing content. We need to do better. But overall, I think what we're doing is giving families out there hope, hope that your spouse can be a business partner, your best friend, and baby mama or baby daddy. All three things do not have to be separate. You can work with your spouse and win if you know your role in the relationship. For me, I know that I'm the best when I'm giving advice about how to build a business. I've been doing it long enough, seen steady growth, been very observant of others, and now believe that I know how to help people. My husband, on the other hand, he's the teacher. He's going to stand out in front of you and teach you what you need to do to have the same success we have had.

So, as we go into this next phase of MarriageFamilyBusiness, don't be surprised if you see him a lot more. He wants us to share our lives, jointly, and we can't do that from a singular person. Plus, I know my strengths and my skills. I am the integrator, and I know that I best serve supporting the business and doing things, some of the detail-oriented stuff, that my husband is not as good at.

So, MarriageFamilyBusiness, we're shifting, not changing. We still believe in our mission. We're going to make sure that this, you see us as a couple, you see us as one. You see us as TeamHB, because we're on the same squad, and we want you and your spouse to be too.




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