Finding Your Season

business family Jul 24, 2019

No business talk today. Just warrior woman stuff. I’m feeling good about this heat wave -- I know I may be alone -- but this is better than February.  I want you to feel good too, and see possibilities as wife, mom and budding or growing business owner. It’s important to savor your greatness. 

Fact: no one has it all together 365 days a year. As we are more than halfway through 2019, we all have asked ourselves at some point since January: “when am I great?” I know it’s in me even when I’m exhausted from 'wifeing', mothering and working, but thankfully I also know the exact time that I’m gonna shine every calendar year. Late July and all of August.

Finding your season means understanding when you're at your strongest. For me, it's definitely my birthday season. I'm a Leo and when summertime carry and Leo season hit, I feel unstoppable. It's important for me that in Leo season I act like the Lion King. (Haven’t seen the new version yet but I will!) I am a lion. I am protective over my family. I am a hunter/gatherer and I am powerful.

When is your season? Maybe you start with when is your birthday or it is simply in the New Year. I will remind you however, that as a mom, even though you probably did not feel powerful when you birthed the child, if you birthed the child, you did something only few humans can do. Your season of strength is whenever you want it to be, but remember that you are incredible for carrying another human being in your body and giving birth. Thankfully for me, all my children were born in the summer. My son was born August 31st, Virgo season. My daughters’ in June, Gemini season. I know I can do anything when the sun is out. 

When do you feel ? When do you feel unstoppable? As you think about that, think about being great at all times. Think about pushing forward and allowing your light AND your marriage, your family and your business to give you the strength you need to be your best. 


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