He's Got Me

I wake up some mornings and I look at the man next to me, my husband, and I ask myself “how did he get here?” I don't really say that out loud, but I do ask myself “why am I married to THIS man?!!” He’s always snoring, sometimes had gas and takes up too much space in our bed. This can’t be the same man that I fell in love with 20 years ago, can it?


I ask myself this and then I chuckle because I know he could be saying the same thing about me. I mean, in his head, he thinks: “how did I marry this beautiful, well-put-together, loyal, dime-piece cook who's a nurturer for my children? Once upon a time, all she wanted to do was be in the club and dance until her feet hurt so I would can take her home to rub them."


My husband definitely won the wife lottery, but even when I'm jokingly looking at him and saying, "I kind of wish I married the Rock.”  I do still say “I love you."


Why do I love my husband?...

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Happy Family, Happy Business……..


Starting your own business sounds sexy. As a culture, we throw around the words “entrepreneur” and “creative” very easily and while it’s incredibly admirable and downright necessary for most people to create and sustain their own businesses, it is not a task for the weak.

Now, try adding on being married and raising a family with your business partner! Again, while it may sound cool and it does have its advantages, there are also many, many challenges.

The “new mom and pop” model of couples doing business together is taking off. In a variety of industries, married folks want to be just like Will and Jada, Jay and Bey and Michelle and Barack: a power couple. And for that to happen it takes dedication and discipline.

My wife and I have started four businesses together and have learned a lot. One failed, one is in a holding pattern, one we are reviving and one is our mainstay that still feeds the family. We have never had venture capital or any...

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