Support is Success

business Mar 16, 2019

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a couple grinding it out together. When I say "grinding it out," I don't mean bumping their heads against the wall just trying to make everything work all at once. No. I mean trying to make their magic happen, trying to realize their dream, but realizing they have to put the work in in order to do this.

I know many couples where one spouse is working full time, and the other is starting or growing an entrepreneurial dream. I applaud both of you for talking, communicating, and making a decision to help each other the best way you know how, in order to be all that you want to be.

I have a friend who supports her husband in his baking business. This guy is an amazing baker. He creates these amazing bread puddings and cakes around the holidays. And seeing her hustle and market his bread pudding because she believes in him, I know she does it out of love.

How much they're earning from it? I don't know. But seeing her throw everything onto the fire in order to help him realize his dreams makes me want to drop a tear. That's called sacrifice. That's called believing in your partner. That's a couple who’s working together to win.

I have another friend who supports his wife's dream of being an entrepreneur and her coaching business. She has such an amazing story and an amazing spirit, that she knows by sharing some of her pain, and some of her challenges and triumphs, she'll be able to help the next person.

What does her husband do? He supports her by hiring videographers and getting the software to create the systems and the platform. He helps her to be who she wants to be. As they grow an entrepreneurial business together, of course he wants to help her full time and not work at his job anymore. They're getting there.


But that support in itself is success. That support in itself is why you marry someone in the first place. You should know they believe in you and you believe in them.

When Shereem and I talk about being a couple in business together, we're not only talking to couples who do it full time. We're talking to couples where maybe one is supporting the other as well. It's the same thing. It's always helpful to know that someone's got your back. It’s encouraging when your partner wants you to live your dreams, and of course you both want financial freedom.

We hope that you find this inspiring. If you're supporting your spouse, know that you are truly a winner. If you're the spouse who's being supported, know that you're really a lucky person.


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