Celebrating International Women's Day at the Motherhood: The Remix Conference

business Mar 09, 2019

Did I really just do that?

Did I really just have a guest speaking gig at Motherhood: The Remix Conference in Birmingham, Alabama last weekend?


Did I really connect with women from all over the southeast and mid-Atlantic to talk to moms about our juggle, our struggle and our joy?

Yes, I did!


I'm super proud of myself and even more proud of Dr. Leesha who coordinated the event. Oh, what a relief to meet new powerful women who are doing it all.


Sometimes I forget that there are other people out there who are going through what I'm going through, but when I go to these conferences, particularly those focused on motherhood, I'm rejuvenated cause I know I'm not alone. Sometimes we get so caught up in our bubble or trying to impress people on social media on a day to day that we forgot that there are real hardships in being a parent.


I learned so much at this conference. I learned that not only am I not alone, but there are strategies that I can employ as a mom of 15 years that I haven't tried that maybe I need to. It was great to just see my best friend who lives in Atlanta and hug her and squeeze her in the field of the sisterhood, the kinship that keeps together. The friendship between me and my best friend or the even the friendships that I gained when I went toMotherhood: The Remix Conference, I will cherish for the rest of my life.

True, I’ve built an incredible business based on my experience as an Integrator and “how to”  strategist. I’m really good at it and I’m glad that women, in particular, find what my husband and I do inspiring and that we’re changing lives of people who need our help.

It’s important to me that women support women. It’s important to me that women support each other as wives, moms and business owners.  International Women’s Day was yesterday and we need to celebrate our aspirations and achievements more than just once a year.

I recognize now that my time is limited on this earth, but I'm extremely proud of the fact that I am a mother. I'm extremely proud of the fact that I got to share my journey with other mothers and to hear theirs. But most importantly, I'm glad that we were in a space where we can hear from each other and gain strength. As I came back from Motherhood: The Remix Conference six days ago, (thanks again, Doctor Leesha!) I came back feeling charged up to take my family to the next level.

If you’re a woman and have ever asked yourself: “is this all there is to life?” or feel like you’ve lost your joy, please know that I support you. This wife, this mom, this business owner is in your corner.


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