Dare To Be Different - Part 1

business Apr 06, 2019


Can I be real for a second? A few years ago, I was burned out, exhausted, and rapidly falling out of love with what we were doing. I thought we were spinning our wheels. So I made a decision to do business like big businesses do -- with a plan on daring to be different.

I knew we wanted to serve more people who needed our help at a lower price point. We got excited by the prospect of creating digital products and moving away from solely 1 to 1 services. How did we do it?

  1. Getting specific

Most businesses are way too broad in what they offer.

There is a critical need to get MORE specific. There’s too much online noise not to be.


  1. Creating a predictable way to generate leads

This has to be a constant. Using social media, strategies for list building, building an audience who likes and respects you. These are all crucial to generating leads. Not taking control of your lead generation creates an endless and exhausting cycle of hoping. You don’t want this.


  1. Creating a system to generate sales without YOU being in the mix

When the time is right, you want to make money in your sleep. If you have to talk to every client, you have created a job, not a business that delivers financial freedom. This is a trap most service-based entrepreneurs never get out of. Don’t let this happen to you.

In both of our businesses, we are working harder and smarter to do things differently. We respect those who are doing it the right way and now it’s our turn. To really stand out and thrive in this new online frontier, you have to dare to be different.


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