MarriageFamilyBusiness The 2019 Ultimate Printable Planner

We're all very busy and either we're going to plan our lives or fail to plan. As a parent, a spouse and an entrepreneur, I've learned planning is the key to winning. Period. Whether it is prioritizing their your , planning for the family or profiting from a business, their teamwork sets the intention for victory. The 2019 MarriageFamilyBusiness Ultimate Planner is the tool you need to start the year off with success.

This is the only planner geared towards helping you reach your entrepreneurial goals while juggling the day to day requirements in your home. We're a team that offers worksheets for you to pinpoint what you’re going to achieve and how in 2019. Beyond just sharing the key steps needed to start or scale a dream venture alone or with your significant other , it helps you to get clarity on roles each one of you must have. Know what else?! Most importantly, the planner is full of anecdotes and mantras what will help you to change your mindset.

Get the foundational information you need to set and achieve actionable goals. Understand what you did right last year and what you did wrong. Use both as fuel to improve.

Get what you need to shift your vision for the life you want while managing your roles at home and at work. If you are just starting out, cool, let our 19 year union be the blueprint for success. 

Hope is not a plan and an idea with a deadline is a dream. We will give you a printable calendar to outline what needs to be done and when.

And because this planner is one of a kind, we will share with you our own monthly and quarterly suggestions on how to maximize your time and achieve your goals.  

The 2019 MarriageFamilyBusiness Ultimate Planner is easy to print at home or at local print shop. It can be printed in color or black and white. Whatever is best for you.

This is where it all begins -- in the planning -- giving you the tips, tools and timelines for an awesome 2019. 

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Clarity Sessions

  • Weekly Snapshot

  • Monthly Tasks and Goals

  • Quarterly Goal Setting for the next 30/60/90 days

  • Review Last Month 

Each week, we will be on FaceBook Live offering inspiration and information on how to plan for the week. By having big goals each month, it will be clear that each quarter you will have accomplished at least three things that will make your MarriageFamilyBusiness absolutely excellent.

Product specs:

  • Printing your planner is easy. It can be in full color grayscale, double-sided or in color. It leaves you ample space to jot down notes, brainstorm ideas and, of course do, the worksheets.

  • Calendar Year 2019

  • Page Count: 178 

  • Dimensions: 8.5” x 11”

  • Paper size options: US letter (default), A4


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