He's Got Me

marriage Feb 07, 2019

I wake up some mornings and I look at the man next to me, my husband, and I ask myself “how did he get here?” I don't really say that out loud, but I do ask myself “why am I married to THIS man?!!” He’s always snoring, sometimes had gas and takes up too much space in our bed. This can’t be the same man that I fell in love with 20 years ago, can it?


I ask myself this and then I chuckle because I know he could be saying the same thing about me. I mean, in his head, he thinks: “how did I marry this beautiful, well-put-together, loyal, dime-piece cook who's a nurturer for my children? Once upon a time, all she wanted to do was be in the club and dance until her feet hurt so I would can take her home to rub them."


My husband definitely won the wife lottery, but even when I'm jokingly looking at him and saying, "I kind of wish I married the Rock.”  I do still say “I love you."


Why do I love my husband? Because he's a good dude. He’s awesome for so many reasons, but the one that makes me love him the most is that “he's got me.”


So many people think that they want to be in love, want romance, want to make sure that their significant other is financially stable or looks really good in a three-piece suit. All those things are great, but what really matters to me most about my marriage is that my husband -- under all circumstances, even when we're arguing, even when he gets on my last nerve or I get on his -- I know that “he's got me.”


What does "he's got me" mean? It means that when we hear loud explosion in the middle of the night, he jumps on top of me to protect me thinking that if anything came through the window that he should take the brunt of it first; “he's got me” means that from day one, he’s wanted me to live my dreams. When I told him I want to be a stay-at-home mom and he was 25 and I was 23 and neither one of us had experienced that in our own lives, he still nodded his head and said, "I'll do my best."


“He's got me” means he holds my hand after I had a miscarriage or he holds my hand when I have to be rushed to the hospital because I'm not eating properly after the birth of my first child. He's got me for so many things that sometimes I'm not even sure I deserve him. This thing called marriage is not easy and by no means am I a perfect wife and he is not a perfect husband, but he's a good dude and I love him because “he's got me.”


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