Embracing the Juggle, the Struggle and the Joy Videos
Which one is driving you crazy today? Is it your husband? Your kids? Or is it the challenges of starting your own business?

I used to be just like you: overwhelmed and out of my mind.

Chaos led to confusion and confusion led to losing confidence.

Having the word “lose” in my life was never the plan for me, not with a kid and a vision for a successful future.

I don’t think it’s for you either.

After almost 20 years of marriage, 14 years of being a mom and 12 years of owning a business, I can finally breathe and I’m speaking on it!

Join me and my husband, Shereem, as we share our stories of challenge and triumph. Each week we’ll give you the truth about our hits, our misses and our proven strategies for a successful marriage, family or business.

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