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If you want to start and succeed in business,
you're going to need help. 

No woman is an island, and before you launch your idea, you need clarity and strategy to win.  

I can help.

I've built and sustained a multi-six-figure business that has been thriving for the past 15 years. I  know what it's like to be wife, mom and a business owner who needs an ear.  I've been where you are and I can help you to get to where I am and further.

Every great person has a mentor who gives them clarity and strategy. They understand the need for safe space to get the blueprint for their business idea. The missing piece to taking your business idea from concept to cash may start with a simple clarity call.



Yes, I'm ready!

Before you go any further, ask yourself these 3 questions?

Trust me this will only take 30 seconds.


Do you have an idea that's been simmering in your head for months, maybe years and you don’t know where to start?


Are you the visionary in your business but don't have an integrator to help you put systems and tangible to-do lists in place?


Do you struggle with understanding how to set up your business structure, website, social media, and quarterly goals?

If you answered YES to any of these questions

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Yes, I'm Ready!


Listening to your idea.

Why do you want to be in business? What is your product or service? Who will this serve? What have you done thus far?

Offering initial feedback about next steps.

Giving you informed suggestions for tech tools to use, business banking and accounting, for entrepreneurial wealth creation. How to go from one level to the next and what you will need to ensure success.

Discussing your mindset as an entrepreneur.

Success is are more than “hustling” and “grinding.” For you to break the barriers to ultimate freedom, your business must be aligned with your purpose and you must use your gifts and desires for you to confidently walk into your destiny. You have to look, leap and love all at the same time.

You Share. I Serve. You Succeed.

Who’s the Kelly Rowland to your Beyonce? The Gayle to your Oprah? In other words: who’s cheering you on AND holding you accountable to everything you want to do in your business?!

If you’re building a business, you don’t need a “BFF”, you need a business mentor who will listen to your dreams and ambitions AND tell you the truth?

Does your idea sound silly?

Does it have potential?

What are the next steps?

I understand your desire to level up in life and, in whatever boss moves you want to make, generally believes in you and the work that has to be done. Your best friend is not your business bestie. She is your road dawg who you trust with your innermost secrets. That person is there for birthdays and for brunch. 

Ok, not convinced yet? Ask yourself, real talk, are you overwhelmed with the tasks at hand? Frustrated that you’re not moving fast enough and hitting your business goals? Or simply confused about what to next?

All of the above can give you a panic attack IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK TO! 

Trust me, I understand what it means to be a solopreneur and an entrepreneur. I grew from 1 client to 5 our first year and made close to $50K. Not bad. And for the past 10 years, we've had close to 1,000 clients and made six-figures every year!

Not too shabby, huh?! 

So what’s next for me is to help YOU!

You share your idea. I serve your needs. We succeed as women on the move. 

Need more reasons to book a Clarity Call (and yes, specifically with me!), here are 5 ways I can help your business to take off:


Your idea is simmering in your head and has been for months, maybe years. You’re itching to make it happen, but life is going on and you don’t know where to start. Flush it out and give it some wings by getting a Business Mentor!
If you’re thinking about it all alone, it can’t get to market. If you’re only telling your BFF, and she’s not an entrepreneur, she can be your cheerleader but not your coach.
The best thing about a Business Mentor is that I know your pain and struggle. Use my business experience for your business acceleration.  


When you need a push -- and it makes sense -- I’m here.
When you want to do something crazy, I’ll check you.
Encouragement is essential for any entrepreneur.
There will be days when you feel like giving up. That “push” will be real. It’s not just a “you can do it,” but an honest “you’ve got this.” And when you come up with an idea that will snatch all your money or steal your time? I’ll tell you “no!”
Do you REALLY need to buy another online course before you launch? Ask me, and I’ll help you to decide if your time is now or not.
Being a business owner does not mean doing everything all at once. You need balance, and I will give you the info you need to make sure you make the right decisions.  


No woman is an island.
Do you know this already? Maybe you do, but it’s nice to be reminded that there are women JUST LIKE YOU who want more out of life than a just a “job.”
Believe it or not, real entrepreneurs are rare. People who can make a living supporting themselves and their families with freedom are people to admire. Admire yourself, if that’s your goal, and let me help you to connect with other powerhouses who are grinding and growing JUST LIKE YOU.


If you’re ready to launch a new service or product, make some major changes to your website, or get some feedback on your Facebook LiveStream, having someone to review or offer a critique is liquid gold.
I will do exactly that. If you have a Virtual Assistant or a friend review your stuff, they might just nod their head in approval. Not me. I will give you the real and share a perspective that you might not have considered before.


“I shine, you shine.”
If I can help you to fly, I will. If I know someone or some tool that you need, I’ll tell you. I want you to win because female entrepreneurs are quickly taking over as leaders in business.
I don’t know about you, but I’m at that age when I like my time. For me, my husband, my kids and Anguilla. Whatever your want for yourself, count on me to recognize your hard work and call you a champion. No haters over here. I’m all about “congratulations!” 
All I want you to do is win. There will be times when you need me to encourage you, to lift you up, or just remind you of how dope you are and what you’re offering has true value. My job is to support your success by sharing my experience and knowledge. No judgement, just an ear for your idea and to-do’s for your implementation.

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